Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phoenix Ceramic & Art Residency, Jingdezhen China

This is the Bakery as Short walk from the Residency

The following Photos are of the area of the Porcelain Shop/Permanent Galleries/Studios and the Residency 

Outside view of the Emporium/Porcelain Shop

Outside view of the Emporium/Porcelain Shop 

More of the Emporium/Porcelain Shop

Some Pots waiting to be Fired.

Another view of the Kiln area, Residency/Studios are on the floor above.

A view of the Emporium etc from the Residency and the grassy area is where a WoodFire Kiln will be eventually

 The Kiln area

The Kiln area with Tom Hayes (England)

This is the Emporium/Porcelain Shop - across the road from the Residency

The Emporium/Porcelain Shop

Mr Feng, (Complex Owner)  SebastiĆ£o Pimenta (Brazil) Tom Hayes (England), & Regiane Espirito Santo (Brazil).

Galleries/Studios for Permanent Residents.

 Another view of the top level and more Galleries

The stairs from the top level down to the Galleries

Looking out the window the Residency Complex is across the road

 Looking at the Permanent Galleries/Studio

 Another Photo of the Downstairs Gallery

 The top level of the Gallery Complex where most of the Permanent Galleries/Studios are.
Mr Feng, (Complex Owner)  SebastiĆ£o Pimenta & Regiane Espirito Santo (Brazil), Tom Hayes (England)