Sunday, November 25, 2012

Studio Photos @ Xindu

John working on the wheel


Ellen A

Mieke applying Decals to her work

Pimenta doing some Qin Hua on his work

Lindi also applying Decals to her work

Some of Miriam's work

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photos taken at the International Ceramic Fair.

These pieces are from the Exhibition at the Fair

Our Friend Jon standing in front of his Work in the Exhibition


There were no names on the Work but this piece  looks like Mootoo Jeong from Korea. I spent 3 weeks craving in his Studio in 2009.

Tuesday Oct 30th:

Wet & Cold again today.  Very quite at breakfast just ourselves and Marianna.

Marrianna & Oola are from Norway but live in Italy.  I met Oola in 2009 when he was also doing another project on large tiles with Decals of his own Artwork. (Oola was born in South Africa to an American Mother and SA Father). He moved to Norway as he did not want to fight in Vietnam as he had already fought in Angola and had enough of wars.

Marriana & Oola were childhood sweethearts in South Africa and went their separate ways. They met again but Oola was married with children.  The next time they met Oola had divorced and re-married.  They met again in Sanbao in 2000 fell in love all over again and have been together since - so this is Jackson's Sanbao Love Story.

Not very eventful - Shin keeps asking me if I am making my work and I say no.  He says he will send it home with his work - but I am just not in the mood for Ceramics, can you believe it I have the Studio all to myself and I am in the Porcelain capital of the world - but I am not going to waste my time making something that may possibly not get fired.
Dinner was nice but I have not been very hungry all this week.

We will book our Bus Tickets to Nanchang tomorrow for Sunday morning and then we fly to Chongquin at 17:15pm.

Hopefully it is not raining to-morrow as we will go into town - first stop the Sculpture Factory to visit Baixu and Takashi.  We will have lunch in town.

Roy will go to Xindu again - maybe Thurs or Friday to claim my work from the Gallery and give it to Mr Han and also to ask Eammon if he found any new brushes either in the house or the Studio as Evee thinks she left them as they were not in her luggage.
Eammon did not find any Brushes.
MEMORIES:   A number of Photos taken during the Residency.

We had 3 Firing - 1 Bisque and 2 Glaze Firings.

Intent Artists watching Qin Hua Artist

Mrs Zhong teaching Carving on Porcelain

Start of our Raku Kiln

Getting Ready to Fire some of our Work

Loading the Kiln


Pimenta making our Raku Kiln

Results from our Firing

Mr Feng gave us some Wine to Celebrate the Opening of the Kiln

More Work

Norman & Robin at the opening of the International Ceramic Fair

Pimenta - at the Fair

Artists at our Exhibition Opening

All the Artists at our Exhibition Opening

Fun with the Raku Burner - no Control

Sadly, The Raku Firing was aborted.